Betting exchange tailored to your needs.

Make It Yours

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Integration with your sportsbook platform is a structured and usually quick process. Initially, our technical team will review your existing APIs. Based on the findings of the review, we will then develop a set of player and wallet management plugins. If any complementary development is needed on the side of your platform, we will also support your team during the technical design process. Every integration is supervised and guided by an engagement manager who ensures that all quality standards are met.

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Managed Deployment

Our operations team can take up all the hassle of setting up, configuring, monitoring, updating and upgrading of the exchange’s infrastructure and software components. This way, you can ensure the smooth technical operation of your exchange and stay focused on your core trading and business activities.

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Customisations and Extensions

The modular architecture of the Betting Exchange Add-on enables seamless development of customisations and extensions that can adapt the exchange to your exact needs. Be it custom colour themes, localised layouts or support for additional sports and data feed providers, we can deliver the adjustments that will create an even more unified experience for your players.