Add-on for sportsbook platforms

Betting Exchange

Back and lay bets. Trading and betting. Players offering their own odds.
Not in somebody else’s betting exchange. YOUR exchange.

Why Add a Betting Exchange?


Exciting offering

Differentiate and augment your offering by providing your players with an exciting experience which combines betting and trading.


Keep them on your platform

Avoid losing your demanding and advanced players to third-party betting exchanges in their search for better, market-driven odds.

Revenue stream

Profit even with zero risk

Use our betting bots and leverage your market-making ability or go zero-risk and just let your players bet against each other; you can always profit from commissions!


Desktop view of the Betting Exchange Add-on

Familiar & intuitive

Players who have used well-known betting exchanges, such as Betfair, Betdaq or Matchbook, will feel right at home. New players will enjoy the intuitive functionality and clean layout.

Mobile view of the Betting Exchange Add-on


Designed with an approach that combines the best elements of responsive and adaptive design, the Betting Exchange Add‑on appears at its best on all screen sizes, from mobile to desktop browsers.

Live Centre

Live Centre

Live Centre provides an engaging animated visualisation of live match action as well as access to in-depth statistics and live video coverage. This module is based on Betradar technology but can also be adjusted to support other live visualisation and video providers.

Betting bot configuration

Betting Bots

Betting bots allow operators to act as market-makers by offering both back and lay bets in selected markets. Apart from supporting a new revenue stream, betting bots solve the fundamental issue of liquidity as they ensure that your players will not come across “empty” order books and will always have the opportunity to match a bet.

Sports list

Multiple sports & markets

Currently supported sports include football, basketball, cricket, tennis and table tennis, whereas other sports can be added upon request. Players can bet on any pre-match, live and outright market provided by the sports data feed.

Common wallet

No need to frustrate your players with multiple wallets. They will be able to use the same wallet with the sportsbook platform and keep track of a single balance.

Multiple currencies

Operators who are active in multiple countries will appreciate that the Betting Exchange Add-on not only supports multiple currencies but also maintains a single order book to maximise liquidity.


The language of the user interface can be adjusted to match the settings of the user or the language settings of the browser.  Adding support for new languages is a seamless process.


The Betting Exchange Add-on will appear as an integral part of your site. Players will not see any third-party branding. The colour theme can also be adjusted to match your branding.

Easy Integration


Dedicated scalable deployment

The Betting Exchange Add-on can be deployed either in your data centre or on your cloud of choice. Due to its horizontally scalable architecture, it will be easy to adjust infrastructure capacity and handle increases in traffic.


Responsive iFrame

Adding the Betting Exchange Add-on on the front-end of your sportsbook platform is just a matter of embedding an iFrame on the corresponding web page. The iFrame contains a responsive single-page application which was built to provide an “app-like” experience.

Can use existing APIs

Your existing APIs

Integration with the player and wallet management functionality of your sportsbook platform is usually straightforward. If you have any standardised APIs for the integration of third-party offerings, we will develop compatible player and wallet management plugins.

Data feed

Data feed

The Betting Exchange Add-on requires a sports data feed for access to fixtures, markets and resulting as well as pre-match and live odds which are used by betting bots. Our data feed module currently supports Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed but other sports data providers can also be supported upon request.